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 Eden Rains Wheat Bags - Keep Cosy and Soothe Pain


British Standard compliant.

Eden Rains ( Scrub'd Up sister company.)

Whether you want to soothe tired eyes, ease a migraine, calm period pains, back ache or any other soreness, these therapeutic heat/cool packs are just what you need. They can be heated in the microwave  or cooled in the freezer.

They are also perfect just to snuggle and keep cosy and warm.

The outer pillow case is removeable & washable with one side made from  100% cotton and the other is  faux lambs wool.

The inner pillow is also made from 100% cotton.

The large inner pillow is sewn into 3 sections so the wheat is evenly  distributed.

This is a perfect gift for someone special.
Boxed with "Just to say you're amazing' on the inside as shown in the photos.
Full instructions are sewn on the inner pillow.

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